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Mobile Makan want to do a business to easy control and manage.

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This system can be used Anywhere,Anytime,Any device

Introduce with amazing & Smart features

Amazing Features

This system can make your work easier and save time. In addition the system can also create a QR code for customers to place their own orders. Mobile Makan also doesn’t have to worry about using a lot of wires, it can be used “wireless”. In this era of prosperous Internet, let’s Mobile Makan take you “to keep up with the trend”.

Learn from program

Simple to use, easy to use, and the program is not complicated.

Client Feedback

Xiao Ming
Xiao Ming
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Mobile Makan is a good system to use by catering.
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John Doe
John Doe
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System ini baik sangat,1 hari hanya RM2.50 sahaja. Murah lagi dengan System senang untuk kerja.

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